MERCY Malaysia Sent Emergency Response Team to Lahad Datu

News and Press Release
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MERCY Malaysia deployed an Emergency Response Unit (ERU) into Lahad Datu on 14 March 2013 to provide logistical support to the Sabah State Health Department in response to their request.

The deployment of the team is to provide support and enhance the capacity of the local rural health clinic located at Pusat Kesihatan Felda Sahabat. MERCY Malaysia will be mobilising the ERU in-patient module which can accommodate up to 50 patients.

The team is to be led by Executive Committee Member of MERCY Malaysia, Dr. Heng Aik Cheng, who is based in Sabah. He is supported by Senior Logistics Officer, Raja Manickam and Volunteer Management Officer, Collin Abel Nathan.

As a part of their safety protocol, MERCY Malaysia will only be providing aid to internally displaced people in the area and will be in their MERCY Malaysia volunteer uniforms at all times.

The ERU team, along with the MERCY Malaysia Sabah Chapter members will continue to monitor and assess the situation while on the ground. They will also be working closely with related government agencies that are stationed in the area.

Under the coordination of the MERCY Malaysia Sabah Chapter, MERCY Malaysia also plans to distribute an estimated 300 family hygiene kits to families who have been internally displaced and are now staying in temporary camps. These kits contain essential hygiene necessities for a family of five and include items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, sanitary napkins, undergarments and basic footwear.

The deployment of the team as well as Emergency Response Unit equipment is made possible due to the strategic partnership between Malaysia Airlines and MERCY Malaysia, where Malaysia Airlines provides MERCY Malaysia with both air tickets and cargo space for emergency deployments.