Malaysia: CIMB Foundation Donates RM50K for MERCY Malaysia's Flood Relief Efforts

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The CIMB Foundation has donated RM 50,000 to MERCY Malaysia to support the on-going relief efforts in the northern states of Peninsular Malaysia.

"Apart from the donation, the staff of CIMB Bank especially in the northern region will be visiting the affected communities and help out with the clean-up exercises," said CIMB Bank Area Retail Manager for the Northern area, En Shaidan Salleh.

According to MERCY Malaysia's Northern Region Chapter representative, Major Haji Anuar Abd Hamid, the MERCY Malaysia team in the northern states will now focus on supporting the clean-up operations as many flood evacuees have returned to their homes, and some flood relief centres in certain part of the states have been closed.

"Once the clean-up exercise is underway, it is hoped that the affected communities will be able to return to a cleaner home with better hygiene condition, and to their normal daily activities in the shortest possible time," said Major Haji Anuar.

Meanwhile, the MERCY Malaysia team up north continues to provide primary healthcare services to the flood survivors.

"To date, we have six mobile clinics in various relief centres, mostly in the Alor Setar district, and had served over 400 patients since 5 November 2010," said MERCY Malaysia Senior Programme Officer for Relief Operations, Muhammad Said Alhudzari Ibrahim.

"Apart from that, we have distributed 1,196 hygiene kits to individuals and 1,000 family hygiene kits to families since 3 November 2010," he added.

"Our volunteers have been a great help to us especially members from the Sungai Petani Kancil Club (SPMC) and the Proton Saga BLM owners club who helped us to pack the hygiene kits, load the kits into their 11 cars and distribute them to the affected communities," said Muhammad Said.

This time around, each hygiene kit contains mop and detergents for the clean-up efforts, apart from the items such as tooth paste, tooth brush, comb, soap, shampoo, slippers, towel, sanitary pads, undergarment, and pail. The kit will enable flood survivors maintain good personal hygiene and mitigate the spread of water-borne diseases such as diarrhoea.

Concerned individuals and organisations can donate to MERCY Malaysia General Humanitarian Fund through the following bank accounts:

MAYBANK (account name: MERCY HUMANITARIAN FUND, account number : 5621-7950-4126, ABA Swift Code: MBBEMYKLA), or

CIMB Bank (account name: MERCY Malaysia, account number: 1424-000-6561053, ABA Swift Code: CIBBMYKL).

Donations via cheque are payable to MERCY MALAYSIA.

To donate online, please visit