Flooding in 8 states, Malaysia – Flash Update: No. 1 (21 Dec 2021)

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  • OVERVIEW: Heavy rains that have lasted since Dec 17 have caused a series of floods and flash flood in several parts of Malaysia. Jabatan Meteorologi Malaysia (MET Malaysia) has issued Danger criteria (expected to achieve continues heavy rain with rainfall exceeding 240 mm/day) in Terengganu and Pahang (Peninsular Malaysia), and Severe criteria (continues heavy rain) in Kelantan, Trengganu and Pahang.

  • IMPACTS: As of Dec 21st, 08:00 (UTC+8), The Malaysia’s Agensi Pengurusan Bencana (NADMA) has reported 33 districts in 8 states affected by floods with a total of 62,999 persons displaced in 430 evacuation centres including:

    • Perak: 80 families/285 persons displaced in 3 evacuation centres (2 districts)

    • Selangor: 3,667 families/22,947 persons displaced in 109 evacuation centres (9 districts)

    • Kuala Lumpur: 129 families/415 persons displaced in 4 evacuation centre (2 districts)

    • Negeri Sembilan: 53 families/208 persons displaced in 3 evacuation centre (2 districts)

    • Melaka: 117 families/564 persons displaced in 9 evacuation centre (3 districts)

    • Kelantan: 1,083 families/3,593 persons displaced in 33 evacuation centre (4 districts)

    • Terengganu: 13 families/63 persons displaced in 3 evacuation centre (1 district)

    • Pahang: 8,881 families/34,924 persons displaced in 266 evacuation centre (10 districts)

  • According to the ASEAN Disaster Information Network (ADINet), this series of flood events is the worst flood event in Malaysia for 2021 which is recorded more than 60K displaced persons in 430 evacuation centre over 8 states.

  • RESPONSE: Government of Malaysia deployed SMART (Special Malaysia Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team) to respond to the incidents and more than 66,000 personnel from police, army, the fire departments were mobilised to provide support and evacuation for the affected people. NADMA, Military, and other related agencies currently working on the response operations and evacuations. Damage and impact assessments are on-going by relevant authorities and agencies.

  • FORECAST: MET Malaysia has released a Tropical Depression Warning for INVEST 94B which is located at about 427 km southwest of Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia with maximum wind speed at 56 km/h. INVEST 94B is forecasted to move north-northeast at 5 km/h and potentially to bring continues rainfall and strong wind over northern states in peninsular Malaysia and may cause flooding over low-lying areas.

  • The AHA Centre will continue to monitor for further developments and issue necessary updates.