WFP Malawi: Year in Review 2017


Message from the Country Representative

2017 was unprecedented for WFP as we wrapped up the largest emergency response in Malawi’s history. At the same time, we reaffirmed our commitment to work with the Government and partners to eliminate hunger and malnutrition in our lifetimes .

With conviction and dedication, we are pursuing the difficult but necessary work of helping families build their capacity to resist future shocks. We are designing our action differently and converting humanitarian assistance into development opportunities .

We are striving to do more with less and increase the efficiency of our programmes.

WFP worked with partners to successfully meet the food and nutrition needs of 6.7 million food insecure Malawians during the 2016/17 lean season. In 2017, we also continued supporting social safety nets, reaching 993,000 children with our school meals programmes, while our nutrition programme reached 337,000 people.
WFP has also continued to provide food assistance to over 32,000 asylum seekers and refugees in Malawi.

In 2017, WFP scaled up stronger social safety nets and resilience-building efforts. Project implementation continued at an increased pace this year, with nearly 724,000 Food For Assets (FFA) participants creating community-owned productive assets.

Communities supported by WFP constructed dams, fish ponds, planted trees and sold vegetables from their newly established backyard gardens. These helped feed families with a diversified diet, while simultaneously allowing households to build resilience for future climatic shocks.

WFP greatly appreciates the continuous support of its donors and the close relationship it has with the Government of Malawi in addressing food and nutrition insecurity in the country. We still have a long way to go, but through our integrated approach of resilience programmes, WFP can address the underlying causes of food insecurity.

Many of our achievements from 2017 are showcased in this annual report, and we hope to increase and enhance these in years to come. I hope you enjoy reading our stories from the field, and I want to thank all our partners -who continue to inspire us and to encourage us every day.

Benoit Thiry WFP Malawi Representative