UN Malawi COVID-19 Update Situation Update No. 33 (at 23 December 2020)

Situation Report
Originally published



  • COVID-19 active cases have risen from 40 to 210 in last two weeks, largely imported.
  • All land borders have been closed and public gatherings of over 100 people have been banned for the next 14 days to control Covid-19 spread.
  • Airports will remain open as govt says it is easier to track people arriving through the airports.
  • Schools, being crucial for child development, are exempted from the restrictions.
  • There are fears that Malawi could be hit by a new strain of the novel coronavirus.
  • Lean Season Response cash distributions started in Zomba
  • 2,310,892 people reached with COVID-19 messages
  • Chileka Airport screening area has been finalized
  • Distributions of the take-home support for school meals for the remainder of 2020 to be completed by this week