Situation Reports: Malawi Floods/Mauritania Drought

Situation Report
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33 Denominations & Communions Working Together to Meet Human Needs

Widespread flooding in the southeast African nation of Malawi -- ranked among the poorest countries in the world -- has caused extensive damage to roads, bridges, houses as well as crops and livestock. Widespread destruction has had a severe effect on an already impoverished and predominantly rural population.

Meanwhile, across the continent, Mauritania continues to experience severe drought, caused by a significant reduction in rainfall, and resulting, too, in widespread desertification, decreased agricultural production and loss of livestock. This has forced the nomadic population into settlements as well as causing a profound rural exodus.

Church World Service is supporting two appeals by Action by Churches Together (ACT) -- in Malawi for $716,076 (#AFMW72), and in Mauritania for $158,520 (#AFMR71). In Malawi, ACT is working with The Evangelical Lutheran Development Programme (ELDP) and Churches Action in Relief and Development (CARD), the relief and development department of the Christian Council of Malawi. In Mauritania, ACT is working with Lutheran World Service.

CWS will channel funds to ACT. Please send to CWS and designate to Malawi Floods (#76309) or Mauritania Drought (#76309), and provide a copy to the Emergency Response Office.

Call the CWS HOTLINE for updates: (800) 456-1310.

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