School Children in Malawi Receive Sanitation Facilities and Hygiene Education

Africare/Malawi’s Water, Sanitation & Hygiene project has brought sanitation facilities as well as hygiene education to hundreds of school children in the Mulanje district. In addition, at this moment, three rural schools have benefited from the establishment of three freshwater boreholes, and two more schools from well repairs. School staff and children have rejoiced with the supply of this dependable source of fresh water.

These efforts help prevent the spread of waterborne diseases.

The fact that communities around some of these schools are contributing to the expansion of the number of latrines by providing construction materials and labor is encouraging. This shows inspiration and real commitment to the betterment of the school community. This is a basic principle of development – the fostering of self-reliance. Local enthusiasm has been generated, which is something that the program should capitalize on.

by Enrique Maradiaga, Africare/Malawi Country Director