Plan provides emergency aid to earthquake shaken Malawi

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Plan has released US $60 000 to assist victims of a series of earthquakes that have shaken Malawi over the past week, affecting over 30,000 people. This comes as the Malawian authorities have launched an emergency appeal for food and tents in the northern district of Karonga.

The quakes, which measured up to 6.2 on the Richter scale, have left four people dead and 300 injured. Over 1500 homes and public buildings have been destroyed and many more have been badly damaged. People have been advised to stay outdoors and Plan is now working to supply emergency relief to the thousands of people who have been displaced.

Bolaji Akinboro, Plan Malawi's Country Director said: "Earthquakes of this severity are relatively new to Malawi. Our response on the ground as Plan Malawi will be one of the largest contribution towards protecting affected children."

Emergency assistance

As tents and tarpaulins are difficult to find on the market, Plan is using its emergency funds to buy thick plastic sheets which can be used for shelter construction and sanitary facilities. Plan is also providing plastic utensils and corn/soya blend for children, assisting the 3000 under-fives that have been affected by the quakes.

Plan's recently launched Learn without Fear project in Kilipula has been badly affected and children have been forced to learn outside under trees as their classrooms have been left unstable. Plan is now seeking temporary school facilities so that their learning is not disrupted.

The Red Cross has distributed essential plastic sheeting, jerry cans and food items to people affected across Northern Malawi. Mosquito nets and water purification agents have also been distributed.