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Mozambique and Malawi: Floods return

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For the second year in a row Mozambique has been hit by major flooding. In February and March 2000 the southern part of the country was hit hard by flood waters killing hundreds of people and destroying large areas of crop land.
This year the flooding occurred in Northern Sofala, Caia, Chemba and Morromeu regions of Sofala and Mutarara District in Tete. Water levels have risen because of heavy rains and the increased release of water downstream from the Cahora Bassa dam located in the western part of the country.

The Mozambique government, who is asking thousands of families to permanently move away from the flooded areas, has launched an international appeal requesting $48(Cdn)/$30(US) million to help with flood recovery.

The latest reports from Mozambique say flooding has killed 50 people and displaced as many as 200,000 others. Up to 400,000 people have been affected by the flood waters, reports say. Currently, 200,000 acres of farmland are under water.

Mozambique's neighbor, Malawi, is also reeling from flooding with several deaths reported and over 200,000 people having fled their homes. Thirteen of 27 districts in the country have been affected by the floods.

MCC and its longtime partner in Mozambique, CCM, are responding with $540,000 Cdn /$340,000 U.S. in aid to Mozambique including the purchase and distribution of emergency survival kits, food kits, and seed and tools.

The distributions includes $16,000 Cdn/$10,000 U.S. to cover transportation and warehouse costs, $56,000 Cdn/$35,000 U.S. for emergency survival kits for 1,000 families. The kits are purchased locally and include a blanket, cooking pots, eating utensils, soap, tarp, jerry can and packing bag.

Another $400,000 Cdn/$250,000 U.S. will assist 5,000 displaced families by supplying seeds, tools, and food kits. The food kits, which contains maize meal, beans, oil and saltwill supplement their diet while they plant seeds and build new homes.

Emergency survival kits and food costing $71,000 Cdn/$45,000 U.S. will assist 700 displaced families in the Matua displaced persons camp. The support will continue four months and includes 20 kilos of maize meal per month.

In Malawai MCC along with local church groups will to provide $24,000 Cdn/$15,000 U.S. for the purchase and distribution of seeds and tools.

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