Malawian community digs a well, with CWS help

Families in Kanyimbo village, Balaka District, are participating in a project to dig a borehole well for their community, with the help of CWS and our local partner, Christian Service Committee.

In Malawi, only 37% of families have access to safe water that is located within one kilometer of their home. This is most evident in rural areas. And, in many cases, even improved water supply sources (provided by the government) are broken down due to lack of training and responsibility-sharing for the local community. This, coupled with poor sanitation and hygiene habits has made waterborne diseases a common, and often deadly occurrence. The borehole gives Kanyimbo families access to water in a time when much of their country is plagued by severe drought.

Kanyimbo women and girls have traditionally collected water from the seasonal river, Sunuzi - about two kilometers from the village. The new borehole, which costs $5,090 with apron, drainage system, and pump, will reduce the workload for women and girls, and improve health and hygiene in the village.