Malawi: Vulnerability Assessment Committee Results 2018


Malawi was impacted by dry spells in between December and January mostly in the southern part of the country and some districts in the Central Region – affected production of most key crops. Flooding in March towards the end of the season and the FAM infestation also negatively impacted agricultural production. Overall, maize production declined by 28.4% compared to last year and was 20.3% below the 5-year average. There was also a decrease in the production of pulses (-10%), soybeans (-19%) and beans (-5.5%).

The number of severely food insecure is expected to double to [2.4 mn] [comparted to 1.06 mn in the previous season] The nutrition situation has improved: Overall Weighted GAM prevalence is 1.3% (0.9-1.9), down from 4.1% in December 2016, and 2.2% in May 2017. Prevalence of SAM was also within the Acceptable levels (0.1%) without any major variation by zone.

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