Malawi VAC Food Security Update, October 2012 Update, Bulletin No. 8 Volume 2

from Government of Malawi
Published on 31 Oct 2012

October , 2012 Food Security highlights…

  • The number of vulnerable population is projected to increase from 1,630,007 to 1,972,993 people, representing a 21% increase (about 342,986 people). The new total maize equivalent now stands at 84,811 MT (up from 75,394).

  • Prices are higher in the southern parts of Malawi and on average they range from MK65 to MK85 per kg followed by the central region ranging from MK60 to MK80 per kg. The northern region has the lowest average price range of MK50 to 60 per kg.

  • The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security estimates 3.6 million metric tonnes of maize production during the 2011/12 agricultural season compared to 3.89 million metric tonnes produced last year. This projection represents an overall national maize surplus of about 800,000 metric tonnes.

  • The country experienced poor rainfall pattern during the 2011/12 agricultural season resulting lower production in both rain-fed and irrigated crop.