Malawi mVAM Bulletin #13: January 2017 - Household purchasing power improves as maize prices fall


Key points:

  • Negative coping levels are falling, except among worst-off households

  • Household purchasing power has improved as maize prices continue to decline

  • New malnutrition admissions are rising as the lean season reaches its peak

Situation Update

Humanitarian assistance peaked in January 2017 when 6.7 million people received in-kind food and cash-based transfers as per the 2016 Food Insecurity Response Plan. All commodities were provided at full ration except for Super Cereal, which was provided at 75 percent because of resource constraints.

Early crop production forecasts look promising, and based on a recent report from the Department of Climate Change Meteorological Services, above average rainfall is expected for most of the country for the rest of the growing season.