Malawi Food Security Outlook Update February 2014

from Famine Early Warning System Network
Published on 27 Feb 2014 View Original

Key Messages

  • Due to ongoing humanitarian interventions and normal levels of ganyu opportunities, acute food insecurity among poor households in targeted areas has improved to Minimal (IPC Phase 1!) outcomes in the presence of assistance.

  • The Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (ADMARC) is supplying its markets across the country with higher than normal maize supplies due to unprecedented access to Strategic Grain Reserves (SGR) maize stocks. Atypically high ADMARC supplies, together with the availability of humanitarian assistance have contributed to reduced maize prices across the country.

  • Due to the delayed start of the 2013/14 rainfall season, the start of the consumption of green maize and main harvests are expected to be delayed by a month, beginning in mid-March and mid-April, respectively.

  • By mid-January most of the country had received average rainfall, however localized areas have reported below average rainfall in all the regions of the country.