Malawi: Food Security DoDMA-UNRCO Situation Report No. 01, 15 September 2015


•The Malawi Vulnerability Assessment Report of June 2015 projects the food insecure population to be 2,833,212, almost countrywide in 25 out of 28 districts. These people are reported to be missing food entitlements for a range of 3 to 6 months from October onwards.

•The development of a consolidated humanitarian response plan with Food Security, Agriculture, Nutrition, Education Protection and Coordination is finalized. The total cost of the response is $146 million.

•The country has registered a 30 percent reduction in production of the maize staple as compared to the previous season and a 24 percent production reduction as compared to the five-year average.

•Recovery efforts to the floods that affected over 1 million people are still under way with about 10 displacement sites still hosting displaced people still in camps waiting to be relocated.