Malawi: Emergency Agriculture and Food Security Surveillance System (EmA-FSS) Bulletin, Issue 3: 25th – 31st May [WK5] & 1st - 7th June [WK6]

Situation Report
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  • While the main source of food at the household level remains own production, this has been on a steady decline over the weeks with more households turning to the markets (purchasing) as the main source of food.

  • Households reporting from the majority of the districts in the Southern Region are rapidly opting for purchases as the main source of food which is associated with reducing food stock from harvest at household level.

  • The post-harvest losses remain on high alert with nearly half of the households which produced maize reporting some form of post-harvest losses. The extent of post-harvest losses especially on groundnuts have been deteriorating with nearly 20 percent of households reporting almost half of the produce got damaged/lost from 15 percent three weeks ago.

  • Households have slowly been resulting to adopting some negative coping mechanisms especially households in the Southern Region. Overall, the main districts of focus recording the highest percentage of households classified as Phase 3 in respect to reduced coping strategy include Chikwawa, Nkhotakota, Phalombe, Karonga, Mangochi and Mulanje.

  • The week ending on 7th June 2020 recorded a 2 percent increase in the average price of Maize and Irish-potatoes compared to the week ending on 31st May 2020. In the same period, the prices of groundnuts and rice fell by 3 percent and 1 percent respectively.