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Joint Assessment Mission Dzaleka Refugee Camp, December 2012

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The Joint Assessment Mission (JAM) conducted in September 2012 aimed at obtaining a better understanding of the situation, needs, risks, capacities and vulnerabilities of refugees in Malawi with regard to food, livelihood, their nutritional/health situation and related matters. The current programme is coming to an end, and this JAM Report aims to provide information for further assistance through the design of a new programme cycle for both WFP (the PRRO) and UNHCR. The last JAM was carried out in 2009 in coordination with the GoM and other stakeholders.

The joint assessment team conducted a series of activities at Dzaleka Camp, including a verification exercise, and assessments of the food security situation and the refugees’ nutritional status; consultations were held with NGO partners, government and refugees and other stakeholders. Focus Group Discussions were conducted with representative groups on the common issues affecting both the refugees and the surrounding local population.