Flood Notice, 11 March 2022




Department of Water Resources

FLOOD NOTICE 11 March 2022

The Ministry of Water and Sanitation through the Deportment of Water Resources, would like to notify the general public that dyers in the Shire and Ruo Catchments will may experience high water levels between 12 and 14 March 2021. This is due to the Tropical Cyclone Gombe which is expected to enhance rainfall and strong winds over Southern Malawi.

The Ministry would, therefore, like to issue a general notice to the public about the possibility of flooding of most rivers In Shire and Ruo Catchments. The fivers include: Shire. Ulcwenu. Lunn, Lirongwe, Thong, Mitore, Mwompho, Lisonjala, Nkhale in Shire Catchment: Chisombe, Muloza, Ruo, Chisawani, Luchenzo, Thylchiro and Uchenya in Ruo Catchment.

The Ministry is, therefore, advising the general public 10 refrain from settling in, cultivating along the said areas during the rain, and crossing the flooded rivers and streams and to be clad when visiting the mentioned areas. The communities around the mentioned areas, are also advised to utilise the Community Based Flood Early Warning Systems ICBFEWS, installed in some rivers to prevent loss of life caused by floods.

The public is further advised to pay attention to the continuously available updates on floods from the Deportment of Water Resources IOW, to be kept safe from any flood related threats.


Joseph N. MagwIra For: SECRETARY FOR WATER AND SANITATION 11. March, 2022