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FAO Project Highlights: Strengthening existing control mechanisms for armyworm and red locust outbreaks in Malawi focusing on surveillance, early warning, preparedness for and response to outbreaks (OSRO/MLW/403/USA)

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Activities implemented:

  • Supported two MoAIWD staff to attend a regional course on community-based migratory pest monitoring, who subsequently provided training to 168 Ministry staff at all levels on topics such as identification, biology and migratory behaviour.

  • Formed 200 community-based armyworm forecasting groups and 14 red locust community monitoring groups with about 1 000 members, who received training to broaden and intensify their capacity for migratory pest detection, surveillance, monitoring and preparedness.

  • Provided the groups with the necessary equipment as relevant to the respective pest, including pheromone traps and related accessories, rain gauges, personal protective clothing and bicycles in order to facilitate their activities.

  • Integrated ground survey activities at community level and aerial surveys in collaboration with IRLCO-CSA.

  • Facilitated district-level MoAIWD to develop 12 contingency plans for the effective management of migratory pests and information.

  • Developed education and awareness materials in English and Chichewa, which were widely disseminated.