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Eradicating disease and providing basic needs in Malawi

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Every Home Global Concern’s (EHGC) Malawi Food Security Project is making a dramatic impact in the lives of the most vulnerable in Malawi's North. It focuses on some of the most basic needs of humanity, including the provision of food and drinking water and the eradication of disease.

Of the 895 households (6,085 people) targeted by the project, not one single household was able to eat three meals per day all year round before the project began. Four years later, 99% of the beneficiaries (884 households) are now eating three meals per day all year round. Similarly, the installation and upgrading of 321 shallow wells has provided increase access to water for 4,057 people.

The impact of this kind of change is far reaching. In the year before the project began there were 59 cases of child mortality. This year there were none.

The installation of Ventilated Pit Toilets (VIPs), distribution of mosquito nets, and continued training in health has led to a 77% reduction in diarrhoea, 100% of people now sleeping under a mosquito net and an 84% reduction in malaria (from 2,042 cases per year to 332).

Importantly, these changes are designed to be sustainable. The project has worked to strengthen local structures and committees, who have themselves rolled out the project. Local participants have made decisions that led to the above impact, trained trainers to ensure continued learning and facilitated pass on programs, which are designed to redistribute a portion of annual yields from crops and livestock to assist the most vulnerable in each community.

This project is led by EHGC and is funded through Australian Aid from the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP). The project is being implemented by Every Home for Christ Malawi, with support from EHGC Australia.