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DEC response to press coverage of evaluation of Southern Africa crisis appeal

News and Press Release
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The aid agencies welcome Valid International's independent evaluation of the Southern Africa Crisis Appeal, which is an important part of every DEC appeal. While there are always lessons to be learned and aspects of agencies' response that could be improved, the vast majority of the report's findings were overwhelmingly positive.
The report concludes that the appeal was justified, the agencies response was appropriate and it was based on the best possible information. "DEC agencies contributed to prolonging lives and prevented suffering," it says. That is the true measure of the appeal's success.

This was the first preventative appeal the DEC has run in recent times. Instead of waiting for people to die, the agencies moved beforehand to prevent catastrophe: the UN estimated that 14 million people were at risk and some were already dying.

The agencies hope that their openness to independent evaluation will encourage the public to support future appeals in the confidence that their money will be well spent.