CWS Emergency appeal: Malawi food relief

Originally published
Appeal Number: 6444
Appeal Amount: $100,000

Situation Report

Food shortages have reached the crisis stage in the southern African country of Malawi, where thousands of children are sliding into severe malnutrition. Worst hit have been children living in rural areas where the majority of people are dependent on subsistence agriculture. Some families have tried to survive on wild fruits and roots -- at times this has led to deaths as some fruits are poisonous and, in their desperation, people do not realise this.


The government handling of the food situation could have been better, according to relief agencies working in the country. Efforts to bring food from South Africa have been frustrated by serious regional transportation problems, coupled with the inefficient way the government has handled corn sales.

CWS partner Churches Action in Relief and Development (CARD), a fellow member of the Action by Churches Together (ACT) International network, has described the food shortage as a serious crisis needing urgent response from the international community.

Emergency Appeal

CARD is responding to this crisis by distributing food in the districts of Nsanje and Salima. Specifically: providing corn to 19,000 farming families facing a critical food shortage in the Salima district, as well as cereal to 10,000 malnourished children in the Nsanje district. In addition, CARD is working to enhance nutrition education to 10,000 mothers of severely malnourished children in the Nsanje district.

This program is for four months; two months to distribute food and two months to monitor the program.

The budget for this program is $554,393; details are available from the Action by Churches Together (ACT) International network web site:

In addition to this initiative, CWS hopes to support efforts by the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and Reformed Church in America, which are supporting two of their synods in their response activities. The two synods through which our member denominations will be supporting response projects are:

Blantyre Synod - where Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) is placing a relief professional to work with local residents in their response;

Nkhoma Synod - where the Reformed Church in America will be supporting efforts.

CWS hopes to provide, through funds it receives, some support for these two efforts as well as the efforts of CARD. CARD is implementing the ACT appeal.
CHURCH WORLD SERVICE, Malawi Food Relief Victims, #6444, P.O. Box 968, Elkhart, IN, 46515. Phone pledges or credit card donations: 1-800-297-1516.


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