Changing Lives Magazine, Issue 5 - May 2021

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From the Officer in Charge

Changing Lives

World Vision mission is about changing lives, enhancing the quality of the life people live and this, amongst the most vulnerable segments of our society. While it is our joy to be a part of the transformation process for the communities that partner with on this journey; what motivates us to keep at it is the demonstrated impact we see amongst the community.

This month I had an opportunity to visit one of the Area Programmes in a community that World Vision supported for over 20 years. We transitioned in 2019 and we were interested to see if the amazing work that had been done in that community in Chingale was sustained. 1800 fish ponds had been constructed, we met a lady who was still running her 3 fish ponds and was supplying her fingerlings internationally. She was one of many. Food security and malnutrition had been a major challenge in the community. Together, we set up a 29HA irrigation scheme it was our joy to find the community still united, farming and maintaining the systems. It was even more encouraging to hear the personal stories of changes in their lives.

Houses built, healthy nourished children protected and in school, mattresses bought.

Change when it happens in a community transforms it, it is important to recognize that every story is an individual story and it is a personal one. It is this personal transformation of mindset, and the evidence of what a little investment can trigger in a community that motivates us to go out and find communities that are willing to partner with them on this journey.

World Vision continues to seek out children in marginalised contexts with a desire for them to enjoy life in all its fullness through many healthy and productive partnerships we have developed with the Malawi government and other stakeholders.

At the peak of the pandemic in Malawi, in December and January, as an organization, we kept our faith in God and did our best to ensure all communities we work in were supported in raising awareness of the pandemic. Most importantly, our advocacy partnerships ensured that we supported the Malawi government with advice on safe reopening of schools to enable children of the country attain life changing education.

Even in the midst of the pandemic, World Vision’s work in Malawi has continued to grow. In the second quarter of 2021, with your support, we reached over 2.2 million children through our programs, advocacy and relief work. The growth, in part, was due to our sustained partnership with the Global Fund and the Malawi government in addressing the triple burden of Malaria, HIV and TB.

With successful implementation of the Global Fund funded Indoor Residual spraying programme we safeguarded over two million people from Malaria, including 148,000 children and 40,000 pregnant and lactating mothers. In this period we have seen a steady involvement of families in Savings Groups, which demonstrates community’s trust in the model as a fall-back option in times of need. While In the lean season response implemented in Neno and Chikwawa districts, World Vision partnering with WFP has supported nearly 100,000 families through a mixture of food distributions as well as cash disbursements.

World Vision is committed to consistently positioning ourselves to self reflection and strategic change where necessary to become a more effective partner. As we prepare for the launch of our strategy for the next five years, we will steward our resources more efficiently, with greater benefits for children.

We are grateful for the support from committed and capable partners, including the national and local Government of Malawi, United Nations agencies, the Global Fund and other local and international development partner who are part of our quest to transform Malawi for the well-being of vulnerable children. The resources you entrust to World Vision enable us to do what we do. Without you, life in all its fullness for every child would remain a dream.