ACT Alliance Alert: Flooding in Southern Malawi (Chikhwawa and Phalombe)

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  1. Brief description of the emergency and impact

Persistent heavy rains between 9 and 12 February 2013 have caused heavy flooding in Chikhwawa and Phalombe districts in southern Malawi affecting and displacing more than 25,885 people (22,135 in Chikhwawa and 3,750 in Phalombe). The people heavily affected are in traditional authorities of Ngabu, Ngowe and Masache in Chikhwawa, and Chiwalo in Phalombe. The flooding destroyed buildings including houses, household belongings, and crops in the gardens, water points and road infrastructure. The affected population are now living in schools and church buildings and a football stadium in case of Chikhwawa. They have no food, shelter, extra clothing, kitchen utensils and sanitary facilities. Six deaths have been reported in Chikhwawa. Persistent rains are still being experienced in these two districts. ACT member Evangelical Lutheran Church Development Service (ELDS) together with the ACT forum will continue to monitor the situation.