Madeira (Portugal)

Official Report from Regional Government of Madeira - 22/02/2010, at 06.30 p.m.

Situation Report
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Dead people: 42


* The same situation informed in the last report: from the total of 70 people wounded, only 18 are still in the Hospital.

Missing People: 32

Dislodgments: the situation maintains:

370 people are being looked after:

250 people in Funchal

120 people in Ribeira Brava

Water Supply

* The situation maintains the same as reported before, in highlands Funchal (Santo António) and Ponta do Sol.


* Curral das Freiras is already covered with electricity in 100%.

* The situation occurred in Serra D=B4Agua is being normalized.


* The Schools in Funchal, Câmara de Lobos and Ribeira Brava will be closed tomorrow (23/02/2010).

Public Services

* The Public Services will be operating tomorrow (23/02/2010) as today, with minimum services.

* Urgencies in having a passport will be guaranteed at Loja do Cidad=E3o. Please contact these phone numbers: +351 291 21 22 00 or +351 291 21 22 16.


* Madeira is still receiving messages of support and solidarity from all over the world including His Holiness the Pope.


* Mobile phone connections and fixed communications network are operational in Santana. In S=E3o Vicente and Porto Moniz are expected to be operating late this evening.

Tourists Situation:

* The hotels are operating normaly.

* The calendar of events will be maintained and we are already preparing the Flower Festival that will occur from 15th until 18th of April. So please do come to Madeira, enjoy your stay and celebrate with us.


* Do consider only the information given by the Regional Governement

* We have registered a lot of different rumours regarding the weather forecast which only contributes to create panic in the local population. Therefore you should visit Tourism website for updating the information

* Regional Government informs that there will be winds until 9 p.m. on the mountains. Do be calm.

* Oficial informations can be followed:

New update will be made in 23rd of February at 12.00 p.m.