RCA to deliver 80 tonnes of food and medical aid to cyclone-hit victims in Madagascar

WAM ANTANANARIVO, 9 March 2013 (WAM):The UAE Red Crescent Authority (RCA) has purchased 80 tonnes of food, medical and building supplies for its urgent relief programme in Madagascar which was hit by tropical cyclone Haruna.

Suhail Al Ghadi, head of the RCA relief team, told the media the assistance would be delivered to the cyclone victims in southwestern regions. The RCA team is here to assess the humanitarian situation on the ground.

He said houses damaged by the tropical storm would be refurbished.

He added that RCA aid workers would escort a relief convoy that would deliver food assistance to regions, 1200 kilometres away from the capital Antananarivo.

Chairman of the Madagascar Red Cross (MRC) hailed the vital humanitarian role the RCA is playing in relieving cyclone-affected population.

During the press conference, the RCA and MRC signed an agreement for establishing ten clinics in the cyclone-struck regions.