Rapid Response Fund Payment Request No. 03/2013 - Assistance to people affected by tropical Cyclone ‘Haruna’ in Madagascar

from ACT Alliance
Published on 01 Mar 2013 View Original



On February 22, tropical cyclone ‘HARUNA’ hit Madagasacar bringing heavy rains accompanied by gusty winds of 150km per hour causing massive flooding in most parts of south west Madagascar. The most affected areas are in the regions of Toliara and Taolagnaro (Fort Dauphin). In Toliara the five most affected districts are Toliara I, Toliara IIS, Sakaraha, Betioky Sud and Morombe. In Taolagnaro, the three most affected districts are Bekily, Ambovombe Androy and Amboasary Sud.

People in the eastern part of Madagascar are also affected as a result of “Cyclone Felleng” that hit the eastern coast of Madagascar on 30 January to 03 February, 2013. The most recent situation report issued on 24 February by the National Government Disaster and Risk Management (BNGRC) gives the following preliminary impact: 18 people dead (02 Morombe, 01 Betioky Sud, 11 Toliara, 3 Vaingandrano, 1 Sakaraha) 16 people missing (Toliary I) 81 people injured (32 Toliara I, 8 Betioky Sud, 3 Sakaraha, 9 Bekily, 29 Toliary IIS) 22 498 victims (2 261 Toliara I, 5 358 Sakaraha, 5 441 Toliara IIS, 2 778 Betioky Sud, 2 880 CU Morombe, 3780 Ampanihy) 9 965 Homeless (892 Toliara I, 2 000 Sakaraha, 2 271 Toriara IIS, 654 Betioky Sud, 336 CU Morombe, 3780 Ampanihy) 1 120 Houses totally destroyed (100 Sakaraha, 120 CR Antanimieva Dist Morombe 700 Toliary IIS, 200 Betioka Sud)