Preparedness and response to the cyclones and floods in Madagascar: a concrete progress


This report is based on the passage of Intense Tropical Cyclone Enawo which affected Madagascar in March 2017, the strongest cyclone experienced by the country over the last 10 years.

Cyclone Enawo came in through the North East of the country, at the level of Antalaha district, as a strong category 4 cyclone on Monday 06 March 2017 at night. Enawo then swept through the country striking the highlands and got out of the country on Thursday 09 March in the far South of the country.

Enawo brought extremely powerful winds over 230km/h when landing, then huge downpours in its wake. Half of the country was affected, that is 58 districts out of 119, but two districts namely Antalaha and Maroantsetra were the most affected. These districts recorded 283,000 affected people out of 434,000 at the national level, and approximately 90% of the damages identified in the country.