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Natural catastrophes in Madagascar, Mozambique and Zimbabwe: ADB missions to assess emergency relief needs

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ABIDJAN, 6 MARCH 2000 - Following the current bad-weather induced disasters that have struck Madagascar, Mozambique and Zimbabwe, the President of the African Development Bank, Mr. Omar Kabbaj, has sent a message of solidarity in misfortune to the Heads of State of these ADB Member Countries in which he expressed, on behalf of the African Development Bank, his deepest sympathy for the plight of the bereaved populations.

Bringing an important African dimension to support the efforts of the international community in these countries, the ADB President said that the Bank will look forward to assisting them through its emergency relief fund and was sending special missions to make on the spot assessments of the extent of damages they have suffered and the needs of their distressed people.

The ADB missions will pay particular attention to damages caused to essential services and facilities in agricultural, social sectors, public utilities and infrastructures. They will also liaise with other donors and disaster assessment task forces. Based on the reports and recommendations of the missions, the ADB Board will decide on the nature and level of emergency relief assistance the Bank will extend to Madagascar, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

The ADB has a Special Emergency Relief Fund from which quick disbursing assistance can be provided to a member country in times of natural disasters such as cyclone or flood situations. The Bank will also assist, beyond emergency relief assistance, in the post-catastrophe rehabilitation process.

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