Madagascar: Tropical Cyclone Felleng, Office of the Resident Coordinator, Situation Report No 02 (as of 01 February 2012)



  • Tropical Cyclone Felleng, which has now been degraded to a Tropical Storm, has passed along the eastern coast of Madagascar, inflicting only minor damage along the east coast as a result of the heavy rain associated with the ICTZ system.
  • The Cyclone Warning for east coast districts has now been lifted. A heavy rain warning remains in place for some districts in the south east regions.
  • The Platform for Humanitarian Stakeholders (CRIC) held their final meeting for the Tropical Cyclone Felleng response on 1 February. Indications are that responses will be within the capacity of local authorities, particularly District and Regional Authorities.
  • The Emergency Operational Center at the BNGRC remains activated and continues to be the focal point for information gathering and sharing.
  • Even though the South-eastern coast is experiencing heavy rain, this has mainly flooded rice fields and no major crop losses are expected as agricultural season for rice has just started because of lack of rain prior to Felleng and only few areas were planted.