Madagascar - Tropical Cyclone ENAWO UPDATE (GDACS, JTWC, Meteo Madagascar, Météo France La Réunion, COGIC, Local Media)

  • Tropical Cyclone ENAWO continued moving towards north-eastern areas of Madagascar, strengthening. On 7 March morning, it made landfall over Antalaha district, near Antalaha city, with a max. sustained wind speed of 220-230 km/h. On 7 March at 18.00 (UTC), its centre was located approx. 90 km south-west of Antalaha city and had max. sustained wind speed of 167 km/h.

  • Over the next 24 h, it is forecast to continue moving west south-west, weakening. Heavy rain and strong winds are forecast to affect northern and central Madagascar. As of 8 March at 7.00 UTC, Meteo Madagascar has issued a Red Alert in the regions of Diana, Sava, Sofia, Analanjirofo, Alaotra-Mangoro, Atsinanana, Boeny, Betsiboka, Analamanga, Itasy, Bongolava, and Vakinankaratra.

  • Severe weather has caused casualties and damage in north-eastern and central-eastern regions. As of 8 March at 7.00 UTC, local media reported at least 3 deaths in Maroantsetra municipality and Mananara Nord (Analanjirofo), at least 6 injuries and 486 people displaced in Analanjirofo. They also reported damaged houses and traffic disruptions.