Madagascar Situation Report 13 Jan 1997

Situation Report
Originally published
Some 200 people have died and 570,000 affected as a result of Cyclone Gretelle, which descended on southeast Madagascar January 24 and 25 with 200 mph winds and torrential rains. Many of the survivors remain cut off due to damaged roads and frayed telecommunications.
Parts of the affected regions had not experienced cyclones for more than 40 years and had limited capacity for disaster preparedness. The cyclone destroyed numerous cash crops, as well as numerous rural villages, schools and health clinics. In southern Madagascar, the situation has been aggravated by endemic malnutrition. Contaminated drinking water is posing a serious health threat in some regions.

The partner of Action by Churches Together, the Malagasy Lutheran Church (MLC), has long been active in drought relief programs, offering food distribution and medical outreach programs, as well as previous relief assistance. The MLC is now gearing up to meet immediate disaster needs, post-disaster relief and rehabilitation work.

Church World Service is encouraging its member denominations to support the $75,000 ACT appeal (#AFMG71) either by sending funds directly to ACT or to CWS, which will forward the funds to ACT. If sending to CWS, please designate to account #76309, Madagascar, and copy to the Emergency Response Office.

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