Madagascar Remote Monitoring Report, April 2014

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Harvests to temporarily alleviate food insecurity in southern Madagascar

Key Messages

The main rice harvest began in April, marking the end of the lean season in northern and central Madagascar. Due to average to above-average rainfall in most areas of the country, the absence of major cyclones in atypical areas, and ongoing locust control efforts, staple crop production is expected to be higher than 2012/2013 and near normal.

In southwestern areas of the country, households currently experiencing Crisis (IPC Phase 3) and Stress (IPC Phase 2) food security outcomes are expected to return to Minimal (IPC Phase 1) food insecurity in June, as rice, maize and cowpea harvests come on the market.

Although households currently in Crisis (IPC Phase will return to Minimal acute food insecurity in June, households will repay debts incurred during the abnormal lean season, forcing them back into Stress (IPC Phase 2) in September, with their lean season starting three months earlier than normal.