Madagascar: Plague Outbreak Emergency Appeal n°MDRMG013

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This Emergency Appeal seeks a total of some 5.5 million Swiss francs to enable the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) to support the Malagasy Red Cross Society (MRCS) to deliver assistance and support to some two million people over 18 months, to contribute to the reduction in mortality and morbidity due to the plague outbreak in 22 priority regions through effective prevention and response activates. The focus of the appeal is on Health (including health preparedness and prevention) for individuals or households affected by the plague outbreak. This appeal also includes the Plague Treatment Centre (PTC) component valued at some 1.5 million Swiss francs. The appeal will also support further assessments to consider other needs and will look to scale up in new areas of health activities and in other areas relevant to the response. The planned response reflects the current situation and information available at this time of the evolving operation, and the targets and content will be adjusted based on developments and such detailed assessments

The disaster and the Red Cross Red Crescent response to date

August 2017: First death is recorded of a patient infected with plague in Madagascar.

September 2017: MRCS is responding with initial actions in sensitization, identification of suspected cases and training in communities affected.

3rd October 2017: Cases are quickly escalating. A total of 20 districts across Madagascar reported cases, the cumulative number of cases was 194 with 50 deaths recorded. By 12th October, a total of 31 districts across Madagascar had reported cases of the plague, with 684 cases in total and 57 deaths recorded. 474 of these cases are pneumonic transmission.

6th October 2017: 1,000,000 Swiss francs is allocated from the IFRC’s Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF);

9th October 2017: Field Assessment and Coordination Team (FACT) arrives in country

16th October 2017: IFRC launches an emergency appeal for 5.5 million Swiss francs. Surge Capacity is on the ground – Head of Emergency Operations, Regional Disaster Response Teams (RDRT), FACT and IFRC-led Emergency Response Unit (ERU).