Madagascar: Plague outbreak DREF operation n ° MDRMG010, Update n° 1

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Summary: CHF 137,131 was allocated from the IFRC’s Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) on 14 January, 2014, to support the Malagasy Red Cross (MRCS) in delivering assistance to up to 33,125 beneficiaries in the district of Tsiroanomandidy, Manjakandriana, Mandritsara, Soanierana Ivongo and Ikongo. A few weeks into the operation, when the National Society had completed identifying volunteers for training and deployment during the response operation implementation as well as having finalised the analysis of data collected, MRCS received a letter from the Ministry of Health proposing new intervention areas. These areas include, Miarinarivo (Region of Vakinankaratra), Ambadofinandrahana and Manandriana (Region of Amoron`I Mania), Faratsiho (Region of Vakinankaratra), Ankazobe (Region of Analamanga) and Tsiroanomandidy (Region of Bongolava).This delayed the implementation of activities, and as a result of this, this operation update seeks to extend the operation timeframe for six weeks (up to 30 June 2014) to allow for a review to take place and finalize revised activities. A final report will be made available three months after end of the operation, by 30 September 2014.