Madagascar: Humanitarian Situation Report, October 2018

Situation Report
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• A seasonal plague upsurge, predominantly of the bubonic form, usually hits Madagascar annually between September and April. Similar to last year, this year’s plague season has begun earlier than usual. The current outbreak is predominantly in rural areas and is largely contained. As of mid–August a cumulative total of 103 plague cases (38 confirmed and 65 suspected) have been recorded and 10 deaths.

• In addition, a Measles epidemic, which started in early October in mainly urban areas, with already 1,220 notified cases as of 30 October (according to the Ministry of Public Health), is creating additional stress on critical health systems and can potentially impact the plague response.

• While drought-related humanitarian need have been similarly controlled in Q1 and Q2 in most of the south, the situation has severely worsened in one out of eight drought-prone districts of Southern Madagascar. The situation also remains of relative concern in the seven other districts: one million people were classified in either IPC phase 3 or IPC phase 4 (crisis and emergency phases respectively) in the June IPC reports.

• The political situation has been relatively calm as the country prepares for presidential elections this November. National and international community are closely watching the process.

• Cyclonic season is starting and partners are on alert.