Madagascar Food Security Outlook Update, June 2019 to January 2020

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Near normal tuber production in Southern Madagascar is expected to improve food security outcomes


• The 2018/19 rainy season concluded with cumulative above normal rainfall in northern and southwestern parts of Madagascar, below normal along the central-west and the central-east coasts and normal to slightly below normal throughout the rest of the country.

• Overall national rice production will likely be 3.3 million MT, maize production will likely be around 215,000 MT, and cassava production around 2.6 million MT. Each of these similar to last year. Production of sorghum and millet is also increasing, particularly in Androy and Itasy regions.

• Most food security programs and projects like ASOTRY and FARANO of FFP, CRS’s HAVELO, ADRA’s ZINA and HOPE, and WFP’s emergency projects are at their end-line evaluations and closure. Other projects are expected starting in October 2019, but with lower coverage.

• In June 2019, poor and very poor households in the southwest and far south of Madagascar are experiencing Stressed (IPC Phase 2) with large contribution of humanitarian food assistance in Ampanihy district, Beloha district and the four most vulnerable communes of Fort-Dauphin which are in Crisis (IPC Phase 2!).