Madagascar Food Security Outlook Update, December 2019

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An early start to the 2019 cyclonic season brings atypically heavy rainfall to Western Madagascar

Key Messages

Cyclone Belna hit Madagascar’s west coast on December 10th, flooding Soalala District. Many homes, schools, hospitals, and other social infrastructure were damaged, and 1,400 people are temporarily displaced. The cyclone continued south along the western coast of Madagascar but weakened and did not cause further significant damage.

Cassava and sweet potato stocks have started to deplete in southern Madagascar leading to slight prices increases as food is less available in markets. Nevertheless, household market dependence has not significantly changed and as a result, sales of productive assets and of animals have stabilized.

Mango production increased this year in the west, where they are cash crops sold to big cities like Antananarivo, and in the South where they are consumed as a main meal.

The lean season has begun in some of Madagascar’s most vulnerable areas. Households in the Mahafaly Plain: Cassava, Goats and Cattle (MG 23) and in Androy Semi-Arid Cassava, Maize and Livestock (MG 24) are experiencing Stressed (IPC Phase 2) and will stay in this situation for the coming months expect in Ampanihy where Crisis (IPC Phase 3) persists, and in Beloha where households are currently facing Stressed (IPC Phase 2!) with the presence of humanitarian assistance. Other households throughout Madagascar are experiencing Minimal (IPC Phase 1) acute food insecurity.