Madagascar Food Security Outlook Update, August 2019

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High food prices in Amboasary-Atsimo are limiting poor households’ ability to access food


• Livestock herd sizes and prices are increasing in South Madagascar as pastoralists have reduced sales further improvement in food availability both for human and animals. Nevertheless, livestock robberies reemerged in the districts of Ambovombe and Amboasary.

• Huge quantity of tubers are currently sold at very low prices in many markets of the South, except in Amboasary district. This may run out producer stocks very quickly and leads to an early lean season than the normal although a better production compared to last year.

• Rice production has doubled in South-Central peneplain further a favorable rainfall, an increase of planted areas and the absence of major hazards.
Meanwhile, Fall Army Warm impact on maize production has reduced compared to last year. However, locust and other pests damaged rice crops particularly in Center-South.

• Food security has improved in vulnerable zones of Madagascar. Poor and very poor households in Mahafaly Plain: Cassava, Goats and Cattle (MG 23) and in Androy Semi-Arid Cassava, Maize and Livestock (MG 24) are experiencing Stressed (IPC Phase 2) acute food insecurity situation expect in Beloha where Crisis (IPC Phase 3) persists in southern Amboasary and Talagnaro. Other households throughout Madagascar are experiencing Minimal (IPC Phase 1) acute food insecurity.