Madagascar – Food Insecurity (ECHO, WFP, FAO, UNICEF, OCHA) (ECHO Daily Flash of 30 March 2016)

  • The combination of a poor 2014/15 season and an extreme early dry spell during the 2015/16 rainy season to date (November to February) over southern and western Madagascar has resulted in an intense drought. The southern and western parts of Madagascar are facing one of the driest rainy seasons in 35 years.

  • According to a joint survey conducted by WFP, FAO, UNICEF and OCHA in February 2016, the current crop production forecast suggest that less than 20% of the planted crops will be harvested.

  • It is now estimated that close to 1.14 million people are food insecure in seven districts of southern Madagascar (80% of the population). About 665 000 people are severely food insecure and in need of urgent emergency food security support until the end of the 2016/17 lean season, whilst 475 000 are moderately food insecure and will require support as the lean season approaches. Nutrition indicators have begun to rise towards alert thresholds since October 2015, in some areas reaching emergency thresholds.

  • On 22 March, the government of Madagascar has declared a state of emergency for southern Madagascar. The UN have drafted a contingency response plan with a budget of USD 70 million, of which only 9% have been secured so far. The plan is prioritizing food security, nutrition, health and WASH sectors that have been most affected.