Madagascar - Floods and landslide (Meteo Madagascar, media) (ECHO Daily Flash of 19 January 2022)

  • Since 17 January, heavy rainfall and thunderstorms have been affecting Analamanga Region, particularly the capital Antananarivo, causing floods, triggering landslides and resulting in casualties and damage.

  • According to media reports, ten people have died, two others have been injured and approximately 500 have been displaced. In addition, widespread damage has been reported in the capital and surrounding areas, including collapsed houses and bridges. The city of Antananarivo has been placed on red alert against "imminent danger” by the city's flood monitoring system. The Urban Commune of Antananarivo (CUA) has activated its contingency plan and has helped evacuate 3,000 people together with the national disaster management authorities (BNGRC).

  • On 19-20 January, moderate rain with thunderstorms is forecast over most parts of Madagascar, particularly central and the whole eastern part of the country.