Madagascar - Cyclone Eline and Gloria OCHA Situation Report No. 6

Ref: OCHA/GVA - 2000/0060
OCHA Situation Report No. 6
Madagascar - Cyclone Eline and Gloria
20 March 2000


1. New areas in the northeast have been affected by flooding as a result of the cumulation of rains from cyclones Eline and Gloria. The zones of Sanbava, Antalaha and Maroantsetra have been particularly hit. Communities and villages in the following regions are cut off due to the flooding and need to be urgently reached by helicopter: Marolambo,
Antanambao-Mananpotsy, Mahanoro, Andapa and Maroantsetra. The number of people affected is 500,000. The number of people in need of immediate assistance has risen following recent assessments in isolated areas, and is estimated at 42,000. Results of assessments completed on 17 March are expected to show an even higher figure of affected population, up to 45,000 - 50,000. The death toll is constant at 130.

2. The floods have affected crops (notably of rice, the main staple) and in several communities in the region of Marolambo, food reserves are practically depleted. Many roads and bridges have been cut off and some villages are isolated by flood water, leaving many people reachable only by helicopters.

3. According to ICRC, there has been an increase in the incidence of illnesses, including malaria, diarrhoea and dysentery. There has been an upsurge of cholera in recent months.

International relief efforts

4. WFP is the major international emergency food provider present in Madagascar. WFP has distributed 270 tonnes of rice, 60 tonnes of pulses and 30 tonnes of sugar to assist 20,000 people while developing a Special Emergency Operations funding request (EMOPS) for 4,458.5 tonnes of food (mainly rice and pulses) to cater for emergency needs of 129,000 people for four months. The EMOPS also includes a request for USD 600,000 for two helicopters to be used during 15 days.

5. On 17 March 2000, the International Federation of Red Cross (ICRC) has launched an appeal for contributions in the amount of CHF 4,700,000 for 9 months. The needs include relief items (shelter, construction material, blankets, used clothing, food, seeds, water and sanitation equipment, medical and first aid equipment) as well as transport, staffing and
administrative expenses.

6. The French carrier "Jeanne d'Arc", carrying four helicopters, was based for three days (13-15 March) off the Northeastern coast at Antsiranana. During this time, the helicopters were at the disposal of relief agencies and assisted in the distribution of relief items.


7. WFP is the designated lead agency for logistics on behalf of the United Nations in-country team. A logistics committee has been meeting daily since the on-set of the floods under lead of the Government, with WFP leading on behalf of the United Nations.

8. The logistics needs as estimated by WFP are for 2 helicopters for cargo movement for 15 days, one cargo aircraft Buffalo type to preposition food in Northeast and middle East region for 10 days, three small size flat-bottomed boat for Eastern coast, and fuel for air operations estimated at 100,000 litres/month. In this regard, on 19 March, OCHA issued an alert message for the mobilization of two military and civil defense to assist in this operation.

9. The following assets are available in-country but cannot be (further) utilized unless funding is forthcoming:

a) One commercial helicopter (3MTS capacity), costing USD 2,600 per hour;

b) One Antonov of the Malgach National Defense Force, which can be used against a contribution of USD 4,500 per rotation between the capital and affected area.


10. OCHA is prepared to serve as a channel for cash contributions for the immediate relief needs. Funds channeled through OCHA will be spent in co-ordination with the relevant organizations of the UN system and OCHA will provide written confirmation of their use. Funds should be transferred to OCHA Account No. CO-590.160.1 SWIFT-code SBC0CHGG12A - at the UBS AG, PO Box 2770, CH-1211 Geneva 2, Switzerland, with reference: OCHA ? Madagascar - Cyclone 2000.

11. For coordination purposes, donors are requested to inform OCHA Geneva, as indicated below, of relief missions, pledges or contributions and their corresponding value by item.

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