Madagascar - Cyclone Eline and Gloria OCHA Situation Report No. 4

from UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Published on 09 Mar 2000
Ref: OCHA/GVA - 2000/0048
OCHA Situation Report No. 4
Madagascar - Cyclone Eline and Gloria
9 March 2000


1. The Government has today launched an appeal for emergency assistance to the international community following the passage of cyclone 'Eline' and ' Gloria'. The composite figure of the population affected by both cyclones in 16 districts is: 561,440, including 282,400 women and 29,200 children. 12,230 people are currently cut off by flood water. The total amount required is estimated to be USD 3,681,361, excluding cost of transportation of relief items.

Emergency needs


2. During an initial phase the Government considers emergency rations - 500 gr. per person, per day, for a period of 5 days to the cut off population. Purchase and distribution of biscuits will cost: 252,000,000 FMG or USD 38,217.

3. Since the areas of Marolambo, Antanamboa, Mamampotsy are only accessible by air, total transport cost are estimated to be: 1,965,300,000 FMG (USD 298,044) for over 6,000 tons of rice, vegetable oil and beans.

4. The Government will be revising these needs in the light of ongoing assessments. Taking however into account that the coming harvest is only in June, food aid to the most seriously affected regions is required for at least 3 months.

Non-food items

Blankets: for 850 families - half of the number of homeless.
Soap: for 2,040 families in the isolated areas
Water purification equipment
Medicines for the isolated regions: emergency kits for 10,000 people for 3 months
20,000 packages ORS
Agriculture: this includes seeds and agricultural equipment and is subject to further evaluation
Repair/reconstruction of houses in most affected areas: 1.829.000.000 FMG (USD 277,373)

Summary of Needs
High Protein Biscuits
Food Items
Storage Charges
Field Distribution Charges
Water Purification
Buildings (repairs/reconstruction)
Small Equipment
Cost of Field Personnel
Support of programme execution
Detailed Food/Agricultural Investigation

Distribution Strategy

5. Food items will be delivered from the capital or Tamatave by truck to main towns in the district, where the CNS (Conseil national de secours) will establish logistics bases. Envisaged are

Vatomandry: serving Mahanoro, Antanamboa
Antanifotsy: serving Marolambo by air
Anosibe An'ala
Ambositra: serving also Fandriana
Morondava: major port

6. CNS is responsible for the overall coordination of the operations through its regional and district committees. 60 field staff will be required for the operation.

7. The full appeal document - in French - with the results of the preliminary assessment missions after 'Eline', as well as this situation report, together with further information on ongoing emergencies, is also available on the OCHA Internet Website at

8. OCHA is prepared to serve as a channel for cash contributions for the immediate relief needs. Funds channelled through OCHA will be spent in co-ordination with the relevant organizations of the UN system and OCHA will provide written confirmation of their use. Funds should be transferred to OCHA Account No. CO-590.160.1 SWIFT-code SBC0CHGG12A - at the UBS AG, PO Box 2770, CH-1211 Geneva 2, Switzerland, with reference: OCHA - Madagascar - Cyclone 2000.

9. For coordination purposes, donors are requested to inform OCHA Geneva, as indicated below, of relief missions, pledges or contributions and their corresponding value by item.

10. This Situation Report and further information on ongoing emergencies are also available on the OCHA Internet Website at:

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