Madagascar: Assistance to people affected by Tropical Cyclone Bingiza- MDG111

from ACT Alliance
Published on 18 Mar 2011
Appeal Target: US$425,890

Balance Requested: US$377,018

Geneva, 17 March 2011

Dear Colleagues,

On 14 February tropical cyclone "Bingiza" hit northern and western parts of Madagascar. The cyclone has aggravated the misery of poor communities who are already badly affected by Madagascar's continuing political crisis.

From data supplied by the Madagascar National Bureau of Risk and Disaster Management (BNGRC) 22 people were reported dead, 115,142 affected people, 13 injured, 25 845 rendered homeless, 25 464 traditional homes destroyed, 665 infrastructures damaged (to include schools, hospitals, churches, bridges and road., telecommunications electricity and markets); 253 cattle died, 40 523 hectares of rice fields washed away and 26 333 hectors of other cultivated fields damaged.

The damage could be attributed to the weak infrastructure and poor drainage systems. With strong winds and heavy rains the areas easily got flooded with subsequent collapse of infrastructures. This could also be attributed to lack of disaster preparedness programs in the majority of the districts.

Poverty levels are very high thus incapacitating the community to put in place prevention and mitigation measures.

ACT member the Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar, Department for Development (SAF/FJKM) would like to respond to the humanitarian needs of the affected population of this cyclone through distribution of food and engaging in early recovery activities. The response will rehabilitate rural agriculture infrastructure in poor communities. The main response activities in this appeal are as follows:

- Distribution of food and Non Food Items in 17 districts (life saving direct assistance)

- Basic rehabilitation of social and economic infrastructures (roads, bridges and drainage systems) to increase accessibility to affected areas through Food for Work or Cash for Work (FFW/CFW) targeting 10 districts.

- Basic reconstruction of agriculture infrastructure in small irrigation schemes used for household food production purposes in two (2) regions (Analalanjirofo and Antsimo Antsinanana) Another ACT member with physical presence in Madagascar is the Inter-Church Organisation for Development Cooperation (ICCO), and has been supporting Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) projects of SAF/FJKM to build disaster resilient communities.