Madagascar, Africa: Tropical Storm and Cyclone - Emergency Appeal N°: MDRMG018 - Operational Strategy (18 January 2022 - 28 February 2023)


Glide No: ST-2022-000138-MDG


Following alerts starting from 31 January, Intense TC Batsirai made landfall on the east coast of Madagascar on 5 February 2022, with wind speeds reported at an average of 165km/h but peaking at 230km/h (Category 4). Batsirai has directly affected the regions of Atsinanana, Fitovinany, Vatovavy and Atsimo-Atsinanana, with the districts of Nosy-Varika, Mananjary (Vatovavy Region) and Manakara Atsimo and Ikongo (Fitovinany Region) being the most affected.

According to preliminary data from BNGRC’s Disaster Stakeholders Brainstorming Committee (Comité de Réflexion des Intervenants en Catastrophe - CRIC), as of 14 February 2022, approximately 143,718 people (30,123 households) are affected, with 21,922 people displaced (4,921 households) in 79 accommodation sites.

Batsirai hit Madagascar barely two weeks after communities in Grand Tana area (Analamanga Region) were severely affected by torrential rains and widespread flooding starting from mid-January 2022. On 22 January, tropical depression Ana made landfall in between Toamasina and Ile Sainte Marie (Atsinanana Region) in the north-east coast of Madagascar causing 41 recorded casualties.

The Malagasy National Disaster Management Office (BNGRC) reported widespread devastation to livelihoods, submerging schools, health facilities and houses. A total of 131,555 people (26,731 households) were affected in 13 regions. More than 55 deaths were recorded, and 14,564 people (3,608 households) displaced, mainly hosted in 23 accommodation sites set up by the Government in Analamanga region. In addition, approximately 11,774 houses were flooded while 58 were destroyed.

In addition to these two named storms, tropical storm Domako made landfall on 15 of February on Ile Sainte Marie very close to the area that tropical depression Ana affected a few weeks before. Early reports as of the 17th of February from the BNGRC record 6 casualties, 2,982 displaced and 5,095 affected people. As the only road giving access to the entire north and north-east of the island has been reported destroyed, with a bridge coming down, these numbers are currently reported for 2 regions out of 4 affected ones, and information will be updated as access improves.