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Indian Ocean Islands Sub Zone Appeal No. MAA64002 Programme Update No. 1


This report covers the period 01/01/2009 to 30/06/09.

In brief

Programme purpose: The Indian Ocean Sub Zone provides support through capacity building of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies of Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius and Seychelles in Organisational Development (OD) and Disaster Management (DM), in order to reduce the impact of emergencies on the lives of vulnerable communities in the region.

Programme summary: The DM delegate in Madagascar facilitated the completion of the cyclone Ivan operation, which included the pre-positioning of emergency stock for the next cyclone. These proved beneficial for immediate response activities with the passage of tropical storm Eric and intense tropical cyclone Fanele in March 2009. The Seychelles RC Intensified Capacity Building (ICB) proposal was approved, paving the way for future branch development as well as community based disaster risk reduction (CBDRR). The construction of Seychelles RC office and warehouse premises is under way. The Mauritius RC continued its restructuring, including developing aspects of human resource policies and procedures and the recruitment of a new Director General. Partner National Societies (PNS) have increased their activities within the region, preferring to undertake activities bi-laterally. It is important to note that the low coverage of the plan (14 percent) down by 4 per cent from 2008, severely restricted implementation of planned activities.

Financial situation: The total 2009 budget is CHF 924,418 (USD 871,264 or EUR 609,191), of which 16 per cent was covered during the reporting period. Overall expenditure during the reporting period was CHF 69,797. The implementation rate was low because 56 per cent of total income was received late during the reporting period.

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The IOI Sub Zone plan 2009-2010)

No. of people we have reached: Governing Boards and management in all NS have benefitted from Federation support in capacity building. Approximately 5,000 families (representing approximately 46 per cent of affected populations), were reached by the NS in disaster response and approximately 19,060 people and 12 communities benefitted from risk reduction activities. Approximately 25,130 people benefitted from health and care activities and 11 communities benefitted from an improved water source. During the political violence in Madagascar, the Malagasy RC assisted 545 people with First Aid, and transported 143 people to hospital.

Our partners: The National Societies of Canada, Spain, Germany and France (through its Plateforme d'Intervention Régionale pour L'Océan Indien (PIROI) continue to operate predominantly through bi-lateral partnerships. These PNS have been providing OD, DM and Health and Care support to the Operating National Societies (ONS) in the Sub Zone. All the ONS are represented on their National Disaster Committees.

In Madagascar, the NS works closely with United Nations (UN) agencies such as World Food Programme (WFP) and United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) in disaster preparedness and response, while the Comoros RC works closely with the Centre for Emergency Operations (COSEP). The Malagasy RC and the Comoros RC both worked in close collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in response to the political tensions experienced during the period.