Federal Foreign Office makes available 70,000 euro for victims of the tropical cyclone "Elita" in Madagascar

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The Federal Foreign Office is making available some 70,000 euro from its humanitarian aid budget for victims of the tropical cyclone "Elita". The German Embassy in Antananarivo will use these funds to distribute goods such as foodstuffs and medicines to the victims in cooperation with German and international relief agencies operating on the ground. The rehabilitation of the water supply and damaged healthcare facilities in the region will also be undertaken.
The tropical cyclone "Elita", which had already laid waste to parts of the Mahajanga province in north-east Madagascar in late January, returned at the beginning of February to wreak further havoc. According to the Malagasy disaster council, some 40,000 people have been made homeless by the storms. Thousands of houses, as well as hospitals and other public buildings have been destroyed. The Government of the Republic of Madagascar has appealed to the international community for emergency assistance.