Emergency Transboundary Outbreak Pest (ETOP) Situation Report for February with a Forecast till Mid-April, 2014

from US Agency for International Development
Published on 06 Mar 2014 View Original


The Desert Locust (SGR1) situation remained active in February in the central outbreak region on the Red Sea coasts and the Horn of Africa. Aerial and/or ground control treated hoppers and swarms on some 50,000 ha in Saudi Arabia, Eritrea, Sudan, Yemen and northern Somalia. Other countries in the region remained calm during this month (DLCO-EA2 , DLMCC/Yemen, FAO-DLIS,
LCC/Oman, PPD/Sudan).

No major activities were reported in the western and eastern outbreak regions during this period and only a few scattered solitary adults were present in a few places in Mauritania and Niger (CNLA/Mauritania, CNLA/Tunisia, CNLAA/Morocco, DPPQS/India, NCLC/Libya, FAO-DLIS,).