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Emergency Transboundary Outbreak Pest (ETOP) Situation Report for April with a Forecast till Mid-June, 2014

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The Desert Locust (SGR1 ) situation remained calm along the Red Sea coasts during April.

Several swarms migrated from northwestern Somalia to eastern Ethiopia where aerial and ground control treated 2,585 ha from 8-30 April. An unconfirmed report of hoppers in Aysha, eastern Ethiopia suggested breeding has begun in those areas (DLCO-EA).

In Sudan, locusts were controlled on 3,620 ha by ground means during the 1st fortnight of April. In Yemen, the situation remained calm along the Red Sea coast and Gulf of Aden and only a few numbers of solitary adults were reported East and South of Hodeida, near Midi and northwest of Aden during this month. Adult locust moved from the Red Sea coasts of Saudi Arabia to the interior of the country and control operations treated close to 20,000 ha during April. Small-scale breeding is in progress in northern Oman and southeast Iran where hopper groups were controlled on 730 ha total during April. The situation remained relatively calm in spring breeding areas in northwest Africa and no locusts were reported in Sahel West Africa (CNLA/Chad, CNLA/Mauritania, CNLAA/Tunisia, CNLAA/Morocco, DLCO-EA2 , DLMCC/Yemen, DPPQS/India, FAO-DLIS,LCC/Oman, NCLC/Libya, PPD/Sudan).