Cyclone ENAWO hitting the North East of Madagascar

Cyclone Enawo's impact on CBM projects in Madagascar

On 07 March 2017 cyclone ENAWO was hitting the North East of Madagascar, bringing winds and storms between 180-200 km/h, provoking flooding and damages in many regions on its passage for almost three days. The cyclone left 81 human fatalities, while 18 persons remained missing. 253 people were injured, and 433 612 displaced from their houses.

The post-cyclone impact on population is equally alarming in view of possible food shortages in the whole country due to the flooding of the rice fields and cultures, and the rupture of important dams.

CBM supported projects affected by the cyclone

The cyclone affected many of the CBM supported projects, mainly the field of education, health, and Community based rehabilitation (CBR). During the cyclone, the partners were constantly in touch with the CBM Country Office and were prepared to implement their emergency plans according to Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) training. These trainings took place in 2015/16 with support from CBM and the BNGRC, the National Office in charge of Disaster and Risks Management.

Fortunately, in the projects supported by CBM there were no fatalities and irrecoverable infrastructure damages within the projects. However, the most devastating element was the flooding. The CBM International Emergency Unit (ERU) was continuously in contact with the regional and the country offices and provided first emergency assistance to the partners, including emergency food and non-food supplies.

Planning for further capacity building

The support to the renovation of damaged infrastructures are expected very soon with the support of key CBM Member Associations. Beside the emergency response planning has already commenced for the further capacity building of partners on DRR and preparedness in partnership with the BNRGC.